Release of the National Environmental Monitoring Sites Register

7 September 2016

We're pleased to announce the release of the National Environmental Monitoring Sites Register (NEMSR).

NEMSR provides a consolidated view of Australia's monitoring sites where environmental observations are made.

The first release of NEMSR brings together a diverse range of networks on one interactive map:

  • ACORN-SAT - surface air temperature (Bureau of Meteorology)
  • National mooring network (IMOS)
  • Ocean radar facility (IMOS)
  • Wireless sensor networks (IMOS)
  • Seismic (Geoscience Australia)
  • Acoustic pressure (Geoscience Australia)
  • National geomagnetic observatories (Geoscience Australia)
  • Ground cover reference sites (ABARES Department of Agriculture and Water Resources)
  • Solar and terrestrial radiation network (Bureau of Meteorology)
  • Water data online (Bureau of Meteorology)
  • Ozflux (Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network)

More nationally-important networks are coming soon.

This tool is a major milestone of the National Environmental Information Infrastructure (NEII) which aims to improve the Australian Government's capacity to monitor, detect and predict changes in the environment. Monitoring site data are essential for understanding these changes. When combined with other NEII components (such as the metadata catalogue and web data services) NEMSR can provide a richer way to discover information across environmental domains.

Access the National Environmental Monitoring Sites Register.