Vocabulary providers

Creating and publishing a vocabulary

Welcome vocabulary providers. This area provides an overview of the major components of the NEII Vocabulary Service and relevant information on creating and publishing a vocabulary.

PoolParty: The PoolParty editor is used to create and manage SKOS compliant vocabularies in the NEII vocabulary service. It also provides a set of advanced features such as workflow management, history & audit trail and visualisation of vocabulary components. It also provides SPARQL endpoints and supports import/export features.

Go to PoolParty editor: https://editor.vocabs.ands.org.au/PoolParty/

RVA Publisher: RVA publisher provides a convenient and user-friendly interface to publish and manage vocabularies. It allows users to view, edit or delete published vocabularies.

Go to RVA publisher (demo environment): https://demo.ands.org.au/registry/auth/login

Go to RVA publisher (prod environment): https://researchdata.ands.org.au/registry/auth/login

RVA Portal: RVA portal allows the general public to search, access and browse vocabularies. It also provides access to download vocabularies in multiple formats and access Linked Data API.

Go to RVA demo environment: https://demo.ands.org.au/vocabs/

Go to RVA production environment: https://vocabs.ands.org.au/

Contact us at environment@bom.gov.au for more information on how to publish your vocabulary